About the Home


The WiFi connection is in a locked closet in the downstairs bedroom (to the left when you go down the stairs). To reset the router there is a switch on the wall that says "for WIFI, keep on" that you can turn on and off. If someone accidentally flips that, it will turn the internet off. Expect the internet to be working again after two minutes of flipping the switch.

Login ID: Telus54C5
Password: KtcLG2Lgv7gm


The thermostat can be found in the upper level hallway across from the powder room.

We maintain a temperature of 20-21 degrees Celsius, and it shouldn't be necessary to adjust it beyond that range. However, if you do need to, you can simply press the up or down arrow on the panel.


There is video surveillance at the front of the house (facing both driveways and entrance). This is for the protection of both ourselves, our guests, and ensuring that all District of Summerland bylaws are being followed. For the privacy of our guests there are no video recording in the backyard or inside the house. The alarm system will be disarmed when you arrive, please do not touch the keypad for the duration of your stay and ensure you lock the doors behind on you. 


We have a wonderful caretaker that lives above the garage; her name is Vicki and she is available for any emergencies but will stay out of your hair unless needed. She has a separate entrance on the opposite side of the house and her own private patio. Please keep in mind that you do share the laundry room with her, for your privacy please keep the door between the house and the laundry room locked (there is also a sign on the door to remind you of this).


You will be given a unique combination code to open the main door lock the morning of your check in via your mobile device. Every guest receives a different combination. To open the deadbolt: enter your combination code, then touch the 'checkmark.' The checkmark button will light blue and the door lock will chime when it has been unlocked. To lock the deadbolt: close the door and touch the'X' button. The checkmark button will light blue and the door lock will chime when the door is locked. Please check the door to ensure it has locked before leaving the house. Please ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving.


We're happy to provide a fabulous Weber Natural Gas BBQ on the patio. To turn it on just follow the BBQ gas hose back to the quick connect valve fitting. Turn the valve dial so the dial is in line with the gas line to turn the gas on. Then start the BBQ by using the built in burner igniters. When finished cooking: turn the BBQ burner knobs to the off position and turn off the gas valve by turning the valve knob so it is perpendicular to the gas line.


Press the large flame button on the remote to start the fireplace and the small flame to turn it off.

Do not turn the pilot light off (the button with the red dot). If you do by accident you will need to press the red dot and the large flame button at the same time until the fireplace beeps indicating the pilot lighting process has started.


We have a sectional, egg chair, dinning table and additional lounging chairs for you to enjoy on our patio that gives you spectacular views. Please watch children on the patio and clean up after yourselves and be sure not to spill on the cushions please.

There is lighting for the patio on the wall as well as under the umbrella. Please refer to the video below on how to use the umbrella. Summerland is prone to wind so make sure the umbrella is taken down before heading in for the night (and when it's windy).